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Employment law solicitors in Chatham

JnJones Solicitors provides assistance and representation in all aspects of employment law. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services. 

Legal advice from reliable employment law specialists

JnJones Solicitors  provides legal advice and representation to employees and employers. Our solicitors are dedicated to providing prompt and practical advice on employment law issues. We work in such areas as:


Immigration in employment

Racial, gender and disability discrimination

Unfair or wrongful dismissals

Termination and settlement agreements

We also help employees with contracts of employment including fixed-term contracts, flexible work, agency work, volunteering and internships.
Termination and settlement agreements

Termination and settlement agreements

We are specialist employment law solicitors. You can rely on us to provide settlement agreement advice. We will ensure that the final agreement reflects the outcome and settlement terms that you deserve.
Unfair or wrongful dismissals

Unfair or wrongful dismissals

If your employer has wrongfully terminated your employment without notice or reasonable justification, we are here to help. We provide legal representation for clients who are dismissed on unfairly. For more information, get in touch with us. We also offer advice on property law.  
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For termination and settlement agreements, call the employment law solicitors at JnJones Solicitors in Chatham on 
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